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Vetrap Assorted Colour

Vetrap Assorted Colour

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3M™ Vetrap™ Bandaging Tape - Used by professionals for over 40 years. Layers "bond" together to provide support bandages that stay put, allowing better fit and lower risk of bandage slipping. Allows skin to breathe through cool, lightweight & porous material. Features / Property: • Bandage sticks to itself (but not to hair). • Conforms around contours that are difficult to bandage. • Provides support, protection and bandage security. • Versatile. High-performance bandaging tape for a broad spectrum of applications - support, compression and bandage secural. • Ideal overwrap for Gamgee® Highly Absorbent Padding or Animalintex® Poultice Pad. • Protects wounds and holds sterile dressings in place. • Supports sprains, splints and convalescent injuries.

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