How do I know which product to order for my pet?

If you are signed up for our PetDesk app, you can view your current prescriptions such as ongoing medications and heartworm and tick prevention medications. 

For items you have purchased from us previously, you should be able to search for the product directly in the store, or fill out an order request form if you can not find what you are looking for. 

To make the process easier for future purchases, subscriptions are available so that timely ordering and delivery occur.  

Will I earn points via the CVS Loyalty Program on the purchases I make on this online store as I do in-clinic?

Yes, if you have activated your CVS Loyalty Program via your PetDesk app you will automatically earn points on your purchases in-clinic, on-farm and on this online store.

The points earned can be used to redeem rewards which can save you $10 off your retail purchase, $50, $75 or $100 of your animal's next visit, or $150 off your dog or cat's dental procedure!

If you have not activated your CVS Loyalty Program visit your PetDesk app and click the CVS Loyalty Program under the Providers tab. You will automatically receive CVS Points for purchases made within the last 180 days.

To learn more about the PetDesk app, our loyalty program and points redemptions click here.

What if I am not a client of Central Vet?

As a non Central Vet client, you are still able to purchase food and retail items from the store for delivery or pick up. You must complete our 'Client Information Form' here prior to your order so that we can create you an account in our practice management software to put through this order.

To purchase prescription products as a non Central Vet client, we would need your veterinary clinic to fax or email a written prescription for the product you are wanting to purchase.

Where do you offer delivery?

We currently offer delivery through a 3rd party organization called MEDDs for clients who live within Winnipeg and St. Norbert, Manitoba, Canada.

To view a map of the MEDDs delivery area click here.

NEW - We now offer local delivery to the communities of Oak Bluff, La Salle and Sanford weekly on Wednesdays.

How do I know which Heartworm or tick prevention I should purchase for my dog or cat?

In our area, tick/flea prevention is recommended from April to November (8 months) or when temperatures are above 0°C, which can occur beginning in March.

Heartworm prevention is recommended from June 1st to the end of November (6 months) when temperatures reach averages of 10°C.

To view the benefits and differences and our top recommendations click the button below.

If you are unsure what to order, you can check your PetDesk app for previously prescribed products, or contact the clinic by calling or texting 204-275-2038 or by emailing specialorders@centralvet.ca.