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Thyro-Tab Tablets

Thyro-Tab Tablets

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Thyro-Tabs® Canine (levothyroxine sodium tablets), USP

The first and only FDA Approved Higher USP Standard Canine T4 tablet


For replacement therapy for diminished thyroid function in dogs (canine hypothyroidism).

Features and Advantages:

*First and Only FDA approved canine T4 brand.

*First and Only canine T4 brand to achieve Higher USP tablet Standard.

*First and Only canine T4 delivers 24-month dose stability.

*Now available in both 1,000-count bottles and 120-count (dispense-ready) bottles.

*New 120-count (sealed direct dispense-ready) bottles are designed to fit standard clinic labels,

Product Description:

Levothyroxine T4 is a naturally circulating thyroid hormone produced by the canine thyroid gland. Levothyroxine sodium provided by Thyro-Tabs® Canine tablets cannot be distinguished from levothyroxine endogenously secreted from the dog’s thyroid gland. Thyroid hormones influence virtually every body organ, either by their effect on growth and development or by the hormones’ metabolic effects.

In light of low canine bioavailability and high absorption variability among individual dogs, reliable dose potency becomes an essential tool toward successful therapy. Advanced Formula Thyro-Tabs® Canine is the only veterinary levothyroxine sodium tablet to provide a minimum 95% dose potency guarantee, as recognized by the USP. As such, Thyro-Tabs® Canine sets a new therapeutic standard in the treatment of canine hypothyroidism.

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