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TRIO, Simparica - Monthly Heartworm, Tick, Flea and Parasite Prevention for Dogs

TRIO, Simparica - Monthly Heartworm, Tick, Flea and Parasite Prevention for Dogs

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Simparica TRIO is a chewable tablet for dogs that offers a comprehensive and convenient dose of preventative medication to help protect from Heartworm infection and tick bites that cause Lyme disease and other tick borne illness. It also kills intestinal worms and fleas. 

The recommended dosing schedule is once monthly starting June 1st, ending November 1st, to cover the season when heartworm infection is possible. Alternative dosing schedules will be required if travelling to areas with warmer climate and year round heartworm infection risk. Additional prevention against tick bites will be required in the early spring whenever temperatures rise above zero degrees Celsius. 

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