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Royal Canin Canada Company

Royal Canin Renal T Support Feline

Royal Canin Renal T Support Feline

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RENAL SUPPORT T is specially formulated to manage renal disease in the feline patient and improve food acceptance with a unique aromatic profile. Indications: • Renal failure (IRIS Stages II-IV) • Significant proteinuria/protein-losing nephropathy • Urate and cystine urolith prevention • Liver failure Key Features & Benefits: Appetite Stimulation -unique aromatic profiles offer a variety of options for patients commonly suffering from food aversion, anorexia and inappetance. Reduced levels of highly digestible protein reduces demand on the kidneys and minimizes production of nitrogenous waste to help alleviate clinical signs. Supplemental omega-3 fatty acids (EPA & DHA). Restricted phosphorus. Formulated with alkalinizing agents. High energy density which helps maintain body condition. 

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